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Sile supports individuals and organisations in reaching their goals and potential through coaching, organisational consultancy and facilitation services with a focus on developing more clarity, targeting the right areas and creating sustainable changes.

Some of the benefits of coaching psychology include:

  • Greater personal, professional and team clarity.

  • Increased personal and professional confidence, well-being and satisfaction.

  • Improved personal, team and organisational performance.

  • Increased self awareness and emotional intelligence.

  • Increased personal and organisational resilience.

  • Results driven approaches that bring out the best in people!

Available in Dublin, Cork & Online

I never thought I would reach this point so quickly - actually I wasn’t sure I would reach this point at all.
— 2018 Client, Germany, Psychologist
After the very first session and with the exercises I did at home, I felt more empowered and could feel my true self coming home
— 2017, Client