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I never thought I would reach this point so quickly - actually I wasn’t sure I would reach this point at all
— Psychologist June 2018

Why coaching with me?

I have been working with individuals and businesses since 2011 in Ireland and internationally in the USA, UK and Europe. My practice is based on integrative coaching psychology alongside a number of other participatory and facilitation approaches. Most importantly though, I work with my clients, as they are, where they are, on what they need, strategically. You can find out more about my qualifications/experience or more importantly my clients experiences.

Some of the benefits to coaching are:

  • Greater clarity, direction and positivity.

  • Deepened insight into self, current challenges and effective solutions..

  • Increases confidence and strategies for moving forward.

  • Enhances performance and wellbeing in your personal and professional life.

  • Improved work life balance and relationships with self and others.

    Each coaching approach brings specific improvements also.

Something within me has changed, I can live in the moment and I feel more like me. I have a spring in my step
— Coaching Client

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Do you want  work life balance?

Are you looking to be liked?

Struggling to make a decision? 

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"After the very first session and with the exercises I did at home, I felt more empowered and could feel my true self coming home"

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