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Works in Cork, Dublin, Online & Internationally(by arrangement)

I never thought I would reach this point so quickly - actually I wasn’t sure I would reach this point at all
— Psychologist June 2018


Hey!! I am Sile (Sheila)

I am fascinated by people and what makes us all tick. I am passionate about supporting people getting unstuck, reaching their potential and feeling better about themselves and their lives, a choice and change at a time. 

Using coaching approaches, and working with the everyday realities of my clients lives I support each one in a unique and realistic way to move forward!  And I can do the same for you!

Something within me has changed, I can live in the moment and I feel more like me. I have a spring in my step
— Coaching Client

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Imposter Syndrome Interventions

Do you want  work life balance?

Are you looking to be liked?

Struggling to make a decision? 

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"After the very first session and with the exercises I did at home, I felt more empowered and could feel my true self coming home"

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