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What career is right for me? My guide to helping you find the right job for you!

"I don't know what to do" , "I haven't found the right career yet" , "I always end up disliking what I do" or "I just want to love what I do". Our careers represent different things to us from our security and earning power, to lifestyle to how important we might feel. That is on a basic level, then we each individually have other needs we try to achieve through our work. These are the ones that often pass us by and motivate some of our reactive decisions but we don't even know are at play.

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Is work a nightmare? My guide to making Your time in Work help your wellbeing

When we are stressed, overwhelmed or seriously discontent, it can be hard to see a solution, to see how much power we actually have over our situation. Basically the more overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy we are, the less likely we are to see the ways we are impacting our situation.

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Do you feel stuck in your career?

Do you feel stuck professionally? Unsure if you need to change your job or career or simply don’t know how to bring your spark back? There are two things most widely valued in recruitment, qualifications and experience. The issue I see with this is that both of those things can trap people in the wrong careers and employers can end up with employees who are competent but uninterested.

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