Achieve your goals in 5 simple steps !

Everyone WANTS things, yet wanting it isn't enough. The process of achieving anything we want is deeper than just wanting it. Its often connected to our self-worth, self-belief, skills, integrated knowledge, environment and habit.

Having the sheer will to achieve something rarely works. We see this demonstrated in the weight loss industry for example, people attend, get initial results, maintain progress for a period of time without addressing underlying aspects of weight gain including emotional, physical or psychological, they "fall off the wagon" and return at a later point to start the process again. Usually to repeat the initial win and the following failure.

Goals need to speak to a part of us that is doing well, it needs to be authentic and to be authentic it needs to support all of who we are and how we live.  Taking into account what not getting the goal gives us because it is serving a part of us! Then taking into account the impact on us emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually whole attaining the goal and once we have attained the goal.



To achieve anything, we need to know if our motivation is coming from an authentic place or a place of "not good enough". When we feel that without something we won't be enough it is easy to get trapped in a cycle of chasing. When our desire is based on self-worth and the sense of I deserve better than this, then our motivation is easily refreshed as the self-love kicks in when we our behaving in a way that doesn't serve you. 



When setting a goal we need to look at when we set this goal previously or any goals. Why hasn't the goal worked before? What were the moments, feelings or experiences that triggered you into a set back/relapse? How can I use the information to strentghen my approach? 



We have all had much success in our lives from the everyday success of cooking a meal to the bigger ones of being accepted on a course or getting hired or someone saying yes to that date. Look at what has worked for you, spend time with a focus on what truly works for you with little effort. You will need to apply effort but its easier to do when a large part of achieving your goal comes naturally to you. 



Ensure that what is around us in terms of physical surroundings and people are supportive of our goal. Make sure our lifestyle choices support the goal. Often people add a goal and don't let go of something that competes with it. They don't rework their life, so they set themselves up to eventually have to choose between one or the other. Proof your goal and process by ensuring you're integrating the practice into your life and not just the slotted changes you in your lifestyle.


Relapse / set back

When a set back occurs, welcome it to inform one of the 4 previous steps more intimately and accurately. Setbacks are part of progress, they aren't failures. Failure only occurs if you don't restart. 


Step by step summary

  1. Know why you want what you want. Like truly dig into your idea of what you want.

  2. Look at what didn't work previously and plan to foolproof your approach.

  3. Look at what did work previously, build it into your approach

  4. Surround yourself with supports, shift your lifestyle to match your goal.

  5. If/ when you hit a set back, relapse start again.


The above are steps you need to start before setting a goal when I'm coaching I ensure we spend some time working these through before we start setting goals!  A strong foundation, is key to sustainable goals.