Anxiety & Coaching Interventions

As part of the human race, we all have a sense of anxiety, at least once in our lives. Or more commonly what I hear from my clients is a lot of anxiety. 

Anxiety over being good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, liked enough, safe enough (emotionally, physically) and simply put anxious over anything that the anxiety can cling to. 

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching/Therapy addresses aspects of anxiety, linking our thoughts and behaviours together so we can take back control of what we choose to believe and how we choose to act. However, for me, it never felt holistic enough and often had me tangled up with thoughts of "Yes I know this is irrational but my heart is pounding and I want the ground to swallow me up" 

Anxiety Management is about working with our anxiety without it being in control.

Anxiety is all about survival you know fight, flight and freeze. Its there to keep me alive, the issue is we all have fears and insecurities that feel threatening emotionally anyway but our survival instincts can't tell the difference between a perceived threat and an actual threat, sometimes when we even know its illogical or unhelpful. 

I work with my clients in ways that they respond best to, what I mean by this is if CBC does the trick fantastic! If it doesn't it is my responsibility to try another method.

Sometimes we need to coach the person around their relationship with self, develop an active sense of control and safety in the world, use the cycling thoughts to inform us about their deeper needs/fears and develop or engage a therapist/psychologist or any other professional that we as a team recon will support our work together. Anxiety isn't sustained in a vacuum and often when we are overwhelmed with it, we make a lot of daily and bigger decision based n our anxiety. 

Anxiety requires attention and care, not push through get on with it. Although sometimes exposing ourselves to safe levels that we can regulate is healthy, ignoring it never is. 

Anxiety can be affected by exercise, food, relationships, fear, self-esteem, previous experiences and current environments. However anxiety is always an inside job, it is reacting and being triggered by external factors but it can only be reduced through personal responsibility, support and mostly patience. 

I find that we often want quick fixes when it comes to anxiety, it's the very nature of anxiety however it is vital to ensure we are working with it effectively and not simply patching over it and its purpose in our lives.

Things that I have found help my own anxiety and my clients: (Its the right combo that helps, not just one of these or any of these)

  • Practising tolerating anxiety without being moved by it 
  • Self-soothing 
  • CBC 
  • Mindful lifestyle 
  • Less unhelpful stimulants ( TV, foods, people)
  • Self-compassion
  • Self Care 
  • Lowering the bar, to good enough
  • Breathing 
  • Meditation / Yoga / Walking 
  • Self-awareness & personal responsibility 
  • Accessing support personal through friends etc and professionally through a coach/therapist
  • Anxiety interventions based on our personal experience of anxiety
  • Recovery of self-hood practices 
  • Surround ourselves with people that are good for us and reduce the critical people 

Anyway, the list could go on, if you want to make a start with your won anxiety the first place to start may be looking at what helps you most and is doable. Start there.