Are you running your business or is it running you?

If you are full of anxiety, worry or stress, not able to unwind or think strategically because your distracted by work related concerns. Your business is running you.

Owning a business has a distinct difference to a job, in a job you work for the business and get paid your salary .Being a business owner you primarily need to add value by working on your business, managing it and looking at the bigger picture all at same same time.

Small business owners need to do both, In and On, Small to Medium sized business owners need to work on, with only 10% in.

Working in your business means you have a job with none of the security but double the worry.

You are often the main problem solver of operational and client issues, you are always having to be “on”. Doing the books, paying bills, dealing with complaints and delivering the actual service or product that you sell. Its means that if you don’t work hard then your business will not succeed . Its more about you, than about a business approach. So you need to find some work life balance for you because if you are not looking after yourself then cant give your full energy to your business or your life.

To work on your business means you have to look at it from a strategic viewpoint and focus your time on the most valuable aspects of business like getting with producing your products or finding clients for your services . You could outsource the less vital parts of running business like book keeping and admin allowing to focus on more vital parts of your business. Or You cold try to schedule time in your work for these important but less vital tasks by allocating a dedicated time e.g. Thursday morning is my admin time because I don’t have any clients then. “Rather than doing it once the kids have gone to bed or after a full day of work”.

To run a business but really be creating a never ending to do list or job means that you will repeatedly be drained, unsure and the growth of your business will stagnant.

When people come for business coaching the first place we start with looking at what success looks and feels like to them. Reviewing their responsibilities they have to meet and look at what goals they need to achieve.

We then get into the nitty gritty and look at what is in the way of them meeting those goals and most importantly why is it there?

Too often we just change processes without much understanding of how it serves us, which is why when business owners go to make changes, they often “go back to normal” because they haven’t kept an eye on why it was how it was and how to meet that need differently. They just try to ignore the intelligence of how everything is.

Through an in-depth business coaching approach, you can not only increase your confidence, work life balance but also your profits because it is about working smarter, not harder and staying responsive to the market place.

One B2B client describes the impact of 3 months business coaching:

“In January 2018, I contacted Sile as I was having difficulties with managing my business and with time management.

I was stressing and this was causing me to lose focus of what my strengths were as well as where the business should be focusing its efforts.

We met and discussed what I felt was stopping me from fulfilling my goals and set targets and goals over a 3 month period.

I have been attending meetings with Sile since then and have weekly emails from her to ensure I am following my goals and targets.

The past 3 months have been like a reboot to my business brain and the results from working with Sile have been astonishing.

My time is allocated so I have more time with my family whilst ensuring the hours are work are super productive.

Our turnover has increased and we have a pipeline for 2018 (something we didn’t have the past few years) and more importantly, we are focusing on our strengths... I am less anxious and looking forward to the future.

If you would like to discuss your business and how I can help you can book a free consultation here!