Career Coaching Workshop Cork

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Together we bring greater clarity to your career decisions so that you can move forward on a path that is right for you!

What to expect?

  • A full-day workshop, in which we develop your CV, clarity around the kind of jobs that will bring you joy and identify your next steps to progress in your career.

  • You will learn how to identify what to look for in your next job, how to represent your CV using your strengths and what to focus on in the coming weeks.

  • There are approximately 30 minutes of preparation to be done by you before attending the workshop and work to be done after.

  • A 30-minute online career development follow up session, 2 weeks after the workshop at a convenient time.

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On the day we will:

  • Guide you through developing career clarity

  • Authentic CV development

  • Methods for effective job searches

  • Creating an individual and effective pathway to career transition and development that sets you up to make good choices now, that can pay off into the future.

“Sile helped me identify what I wanted from a job and what type of job would suit me” - Career Coaching Client 2017

Common results for career coaching:

  • Return to education that was personally and professionally beneficial

  • Increases in salary up to 40%

  • Promotions or preferred role reassignment within the same company.

  • New job offers for similar or better-paid roles.

  • Interviews and job offer following time in education or unemployment.

  • Career transitions aligned with the individual's values and priorities.

These results are based on individuals efforts, their situation and the market place at the time of change, however, they indicate the kinds of results career coaching can support!

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Our careers are often an extension of our sense of purpose and security in the world. Career coaching is about bringing the deeper motivations to the forefront, uncovering strengths and opportunities that can be acted upon.

“Sile helped me change my mindset, realize my strengths, skills and experiences. As a result, I developed a CV that reflected my true abilities and gave me the confidence to present myself in an authentic manner in interviews. ” Career Coaching Client

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