Do you feel stuck in your career?

A women looked stressed and stuck at work.

Do you feel stuck professionally?

Unsure if you need to change your job or career or simply don’t know how to bring your spark back?

There are two things most widely valued in recruitment, qualifications and experience. These are amongst the two top things being sought after by employers.

The issue I see with this is that both of those things can trap people in the wrong careers and employers can end up with employees who are competent but uninterested.

If you are in a career that no longer serves you, that no longer feels like it is fitting you anymore then it is likely that you are working in a less than satisfying or effective way. That every day you go to work you leave some of your potential untapped and hidden away, becoming harder and harder to find every day. Most people get to this point and either accept it and give up, or take drastic action. Neither is sustainable in a well lived life.

Your career is an extension of you. It is related to your values, hopes, income and mostly where you spend most of your time. It impacts how you think, behave and feel. And how you think, behave and feel impacts your work life and the people you work with.

The middle ground to settling or jumping ship, is to developing insight into the motivators that brought you to this point. To shed light on what aspects of work are working for you and what aspects are working against you. Shed light on the expectations you have for your career, yourself and your life. Shed light on the values you bring to work and the protective approaches.

Rushing to action or taking no responsibility and settling for the situation, are all reactions to discomfort but often are not helpful for deepening insight and finding sustainable solutions for a well lived life. They end up in reactionary career decisions, often setting you on another ill fitted path.

Disclaimer – If bullying is taking place or a toxic environment, you have to protect yourself first and foremost before exploring options. It is vital to find safety for yourself first, so that you can explore your career from an open place rather than protective.

When I work with clients in career coaching I always start by asking Why, why did you start there, stay there. Why did you pick that career, why did you stay in it until now?

Often career coaching clients want to start by figuring out what career to choose or how to transfer to another career that they have already decided because they think it sounds like them. Rarely do they start by saying I need to understand what has brought me to here and how can I utilise thing experience in choosing my next step.

That is where the real value in career coaching is. In utilising everything from your education, life experience, achievements, career to date, strengths, hopes and hobbies. And then to move towards looking at what is a good fit for who you are and the life you want.

When you have gathered all that insight and it has helped you make sense of your current situation, your current satisfaction and an understanding of your dissatisfaction you can begin with the standard career aspect of CV and LinkedIn development, identifying transferable skills, appropriate training and up-skilling, other career avenues and a pathway into the right career for you, one that is enjoyable and well fitted for you.

Whether you want a career change or simply to find your spark and passion again for your work, career coaching can help.


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