Failure & Coaching

Feelings of failure are usually along the lines of fear, shame, guilt and inadequacy. They are uncomfortable and usually undermine us. With a new understanding emerging in terms of resilience we have started to use failure, rather than submit to it or let it set a standard. 

Failure is not an end result, it's simply a redirection.  It's feedback, its information based on you trying something. It is an invitation to getting a deeper understanding what is or isn't working. 

It shows you the next step if you choose to use it. That is your choice! If you accept failure as an end result, it becomes the end result. If you accept it as the information it becomes research. 

When you do something, try to move forward with whatever feedback you get. Take it, embrace it even when it is not what you wanted to happen. 

See the workshop failure as feedback, the low bank account as feedback. The divorce as feedback, the weight gain as feedback, the loss of the promotion as feedback and the lack of accomplishment as feedback.

When things don't go the way you want, see it as feedback and start focusing on what to do next with this information. 

Ask yourself:

    * OK so why didn't it work?
    * How can I improve that?
    * Why did it happen?
    * What else can I try?
    * Who do I need to speak to?
    * What have I learnt? 

Feedback is always supporting you in getting it right! You can dwell and ruminate and complain or you can feel let down and re-frame the situation and refocus and move on.
That is up to you!