Flourishing - Living a fulfilled life

Flourishing is a term many a positive psychologist relate to and use, it is broken into bitesize understandings below for easy consumption. If anyone of the following is missing in your life, start here, now. Understand the area that needs some focus and research and look into it! 


Make room for happiness

Cultivate an attitude that uses adversity to your advantage and practice being active in choices that bring you happiness. 


Have a Focus

Some call it goals, others intentions and for me its a focus. Know what you want from life, work and relationships. Focus on creating it with the same feelings you wish to achieve it with. Don't go in gong ho, true changes occur subtly and last. Stay connected to your values and focus! 


Don't be subject to your past, focus your attention

Practice being present in an integrated way with feelings, thoughts and cations, ensure they align! 


Own your mood / Attitudes

Know that your inner critic really messes up your performance. Practice self -compassion, self-care, personal responsibility and make choices that support those. 


Connect today to your focus

Don't just have big goals, make sure that each day connects to them in a way that keeps you on track and motivated.


Engage & Connect

Be engaged with your activities, the people around you and what is happening. Develop the capacity for connection, regardless of what is present such as stress or fear. 


Meaning making

Make it work for you! (Click above to go to an article about making meaning)



Know how to recoup, recharge and continue. Develop an ability to make the best of life on lifes terms. 



Trying Too hard, Wanting to be liked too much, counterproductive trade-offs, acting out behaviours and Overplaying strengths. Just stop. 


Manage change

Honour that the future is uncertain and set yourself to manage it as effectively as possible. Don't avoid it or force it! 


Sile Walsh