How to find focus in your business, again!

What it really takes to sustain and grow a business is the skill of knowing what needs your attention and what doesn't !

Deciding what to focus on in your business, broadly boils down to your motivations to be in business, your goals and your responsibilities.

When I work with business owners who feel foggy and stuck, not knowing where to start and what to let go of I start with two questions.

What’s the priority here, right now, today?

What one take the least effort with the most benefit? Just one thing. Off the cuff, answer it. Trust your gut on this.

Clarity doesn't suddenly come to you, it comes from you. From you choosing something to look at and give attention to. Pausing everything else until that one area gathers some flow and you feel in control again.

The worst thing we can do is to jump at every little invitation for our attention and hope it somehow brings everything together. It doesn't, instead it distracts you.

What is the point? What’s the big picture? What are you trying to create?

Knowing this, helps us link the little focus to the big picture. If you don't know your current ambitions or goals, then you will find yourself working off the outdated ones or looking for goals in what others think or do. You will become crisis focused and problem solving will be the new daily activity.

Often when we lose focus we are disconnected from our purpose and place in our business. We are falling into personal patterns, professionally and in doing so just wading along.

Its also important to note that when we set up our business and hit a level of success its easy to get stuck in just doing the same thing and then feeling bored by the lack of positive challenges, because we all know there is always something that needs fixing.

What I hear from a lot of business owners in this area is that there’s nothing good to sink their teeth into, its always problem solving now. Which shows that its time for a new challenge and that isn’t always about throwing your business model in the air, it might be about expanding how you, as an owner is doing things!

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