Do you get stuck fortune telling or jumping to conclusions?

In the Titled Podcast about Jumping to Conclusions, Sile speaks about how often, when we are presented with a situation or something that we find annoying or frustrating we can soon jump to the conclusion that results in negative outcomes. And have a negative experience before anything really even happens!

“Stay open minded things aren’t always want they seem”- Scottie Waves

We can view the situation as a threat to ourselves even if it isn't a real threat to us at all but it may still feel as if it is. We can begin predicting the impact and experience the consequences of something that hasn’t even happened yet and may not!

In regards to the outcome, we might predict the worst thing to happen as a result. An example of this would be common in relationships or simple day-to-day situations that we start guessing what people are thinking and what they will do but it is all in our head!

We often project out our greatest fears and then live as if they are true when we are in a “fortune-telling” or “predicting” the future thinking style.

If we jump to conclusions, not only will it interfere with how we relate, what we think and ultimately the choices we make and actions we take.

This type of thinking wears us down and can impact our mental health and our overall wellbeing because we keep ourselves in a fight, flight or freeze mode.

Questions to ask yourself to combat jumping to conclusions in different situations

  • Am I in the moment?

  • I am being mindful of my own thinking style?

  • Am I staying with the facts or adding shapes?

This thinking style creeps up on us and with a little awareness and reality checking, we can lower our anxiety and make better decisions.

Written by Team Member Morgan Ryan

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