Self Love - A Quick Read


Dr Brene Brown does it again - puts a big concept into a simply practice.

Compassion & love is incomplete if it doesn’t include yourself!!! (Think the Dala Lama said this?).

Too many of us practice compassion and love with others but use our harsh inner voice to navigate our own inner dialogue.

Let that go, breath a little & let things be a little less perfect than your inner critic is comfortable with.

Have you ever thought why we want to find people who love us and treat us with kindness? My guess is we know that that lends to us feeling happy!

You see, happiness doesn’t come from accomplishing everything or from criticizing yourself. That saying, a negative mind can't make a happy life rings true in this moment!

Happiness seems to come from loving self-talk, appreciation and finding a peaceful place within. (according to the science of positive psychology)

If you struggle at first, simply ask yourself would it be OK for me to say this to someone I love? If not … it’s not OK to say it to myself.

Self-love is all about what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Sometimes when I am coaching people I realise it's about them practising self-love before they actually feel .. like cultivating self -love, like water seeds before we see the plant grown. 

The actions of self-love after the experience of self-love and it can grow int a full experience of self-love. 

Its not fake it until you make it, its water it until you feel it! 

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