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How to find focus in your business, again!

What it really takes to sustain and grow a business is the skill of knowing what needs your attention and what doesn't ! Deciding what to focus on in your business, broadly boils down to your motivations to be in business, your goals and your responsibilities. When I work with business owners who feel foggy and stuck, not knowing where to start and what to let go of I start with two questions. What’s the priority here, right now, today? What one take the least effort with the most benefit? Just one thing. Off the cuff, answer it. Trust your gut on this.

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Are you running your business or is it running you?

If you are full of anxiety, worry or stress, not able to unwind or think strategically because your distracted by work related concerns. Your business is running you. Owning a business has a distinct difference to a job, in a job you work for the business and get paid your salary .Being a business owner you primarily need to add value by working on your business, managing it and looking at the bigger picture all at same same time.

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Our Making Meaning Tendencies

It is a natural response to life, to make meaning of situations and experiences. In times of tragedy often making meaning about continuing can be very helpful. After extremely painful or traumatic events, we need to make sense of it and often the events themselves don't make sense so we need to make it mean something. 

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