Weight Loss 101: Why we struggle with our choices around food!

Often weight loss is associated with happiness, vitality, worthiness, love and being good enough. This happens because we see a certain physique as being beautiful perfect acceptable.

But the truth is that when we don't appreciate our bodies as they are and we are unhappy in a number of areas including emotionally, mentally or physically not taking care of ourselves we often project this onto a body.

There is a cycle of weight loss that keep most people stuck and one of the key pieces I have seen is that when we believe that losing weight will make us happier, will make us more lovable, will make us better people we lose the opportunity to hear the parts of us that we scapegoat with our ways. Then we leave the possibility to feel good enough as we are.

How do you know if your scapegoating ?

Because if it was for health or wellbeing then you would be doing it with compassion and self love if it is scapegoating and destination orientated, you will be doing it with severe choices and critical voices in your head.

it's really important to look at your weight as a representation of your choices around food, lifestyle and wellbeing . Then looking at these choices reviewing the emotional or mental aspects that inform and motivate you towards these choices.

It's about getting under the route to the place where the choices are actually coming from so that you can not just change the choices you're making but you can change the reason you're making them.

This creates a much healthier approach to weight loss and to well-being. If you look at all the times you've dieted, taken up a new sport or joined the gym and ask yourself what was missing for you when you choose these that is a start.

You know how to eat better, you know how to use gym equipment, you know how to run, you know how to attend the class but there is something between those actions and your actions that are holding you back.

That my friend is the motivation behind the choice of your making that you were trying to override these choices rather than understand their motivation.

I encourage to get off the cycle of weight loss diets and proving yourself and get into understanding to working with where you're at and mentally, emotionally and physically.

As a integrative coach and someone who has had my own body challenges and some days still does, I've learnt one thing, we as human beings make choices based on emotions and if we can understand these emotions or the desire for certain emotions we can make better choices on a daily basis this includes with our food, lifestyle and the people we surround ourselves with.

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