When you are bad at your job

Most of us want to be good at what we do .. it is a human in built desire .. to be good enough!

The problem is many of us think that how good we are at our job has a direct relation to how valuable or worthy we are as human beings.


Which is ridiculous because a job requires learned skills, personality strengths, resilience, healthy relationships with co-workers and knowledge.

Only some of these we have direct control over ... If your not great at your job it is more likely you are in the wrong position or being managed ineffectively or are in the wrong company than you just aren't "good enough". 


Proving yourself, berating yourself or blaming yourself won't help you or the company out much ... In fact it will keep you both in a struggle ...


One solution is to look at your strengths, the jobs you loved and why you loved them. Then use this new information to direct your decisions.. whether you approach your job differently or ask for help in areas you struggle or look for new work ..


However ... not being good at your job is not ever about your worth or abilities ... it is more about compatibility...


Just like in school certain topics, sports and approaches worked well for you and others didn't.

You will spend a lot of time working in your life, imagine badly fitted shoes for a lifetime? Its not much different to a badly fitted career!


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