Which career is right for me?

Are you unsure about which career is right for you and how to pick one? This is my guide to helping you find the right job for you!

“I haven't found the right career yet."

"I always end up disliking my work."

"I just want to love what I do."

“I want a career I love."

These statements and all the variations of what I hear from clients all the time and on my free consultations calls several times a week, not to mention over coffee with friends!!

What to consider when considering your career.

Finding a career path or direction, is really about creating a satisfying life. It is about bundling up all of your needs, personal, financial and professional into a mix and setting out about meeting them in the most satisfying way possible.

Our careers represent different things to us from our security and earning power, to lifestyle to how important we might feel. That is on a basic level, then we each individually have other needs we try to achieve through our work. These are the ones that often pass us by and motivate some of our reactive decisions but we don't even know are at play.

You need to explore careers before you conclude a career path!

What most people do wrong is they want to know the answers before they even begin, a bit like in school. If I do this, then I get that and then do this.

However much of the false sense of safety and certainty we were given in our early years, was protecting us from the reality of life and work. Life isn't always straightforward and the outcome is rarely known before we make the initial decisions. Life isn't that straight forward, our careers resemble that.

Trying to know what will make you happy and seeking out guarantees before you have explored yourself, your options and your needs, sets you up for this cycle of discontentment. It sets you up to always be dependant on others opinions and on ideas of what you "should" do rather than what you would love doing. In this way you keep looking for quick fixes to the unconscious needs you have and avoid taking the time to explore your options and next steps.

Fear blocks many a good career path.

Add any kind of pressure such as your fears about age, limiting beliefs about yourself, negative experiences, feelings of having to be more accomplished than you are and you are less likely to do what really needs to be done to find a direction for you. Getting yourself stuck in the cycle and enmeshed even deeper into your own confusion and fears.

“It is not a race, it is your life and you deserve the space and time to make sense of it and move forward consciously. “

Start with your needs and then build career clarity.

This is why I approach career coaching from a needs place before from a destination place. Which sometimes feels like the opposite to all the goal setting coaching approaches. However its not, the goal is in finding a satisfying career and life, the process has to begin with what needs are involved in that and what this would look like for you!

We start with the now, build on the now and then the direction we will work towards will emerge, rather than us working towards the goals we think we “ should” working towards . Career coaching has to be about so much more than psychometric tests and career guidance, it shouldn't just be about what your good at or personality matches instead more of a focus on what will work for you, what will satisfy you and who and how you want to be.

Career life cycles have changed, be responsive.

Careers aren't what they use to be, you don't have to stay in any career and you certainly don't have to know a plan 10-20 years down the line. What you do need to know is how to strength your position right now and make choices that put you in the strongest position possible each step of the way, meeting your needs as you go and highlighting your career direction.

Finding direction, is really about understanding yourself and your needs enough to make more satisfying career choices.

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