Why "its just how its done" is ridiculous !

I have been thinking about the idea of "it's just how it's done". I have heard it a lot in my life and career. Especially in recent times when I am coaching executives.  It's truly a fabulous way to shut conversations down and remove personal responsibility from complacency.

It is also the key to groupthink and the idea that if we are doing it, even though it doesn't work as effectively as it could or feels wrong it must be right because everyone else is sold on it. The irony is, rarely is it! 

It has always amazed me that individuals and groups would want to continue doing something that doesn't work for them, in the interest of preserving it so they have a sense of security in knowing their place within it. Within the piece that isn't working. 

Then, on the other hand, it doesn't surprise me at all, change is scary and highlights vulnerabilities within individuals and groups. Which larger organisations have to monitor and manage, so I find the higher up the food chain the person I work with is, the further they HAVE to buy into "its just how its done". Mostly because it has worked for getting them to where they are but you know who don't make good leaders, those who buy into "it's just how it's done".

Think of all the amazing individuals who lead within their areas who took how it was and said it could be better. Some that spring to mind for me are Sheryl Sandberg, Martin Luther King, Barak Obama, Richard Branson, Brene Brown and there are loads more. 

It might get you the promotion but it won't keep you at the top. 

I believe this is where organisational development has to lead, how things have been done to date will have massive strengths within it I do not discount this for a minute, however, it will also have areas of required development that is holding things back, stopping the individual or group having the edge. 

To lead in an area or in your department you need to be able to see beyond how its currently done and into how it could be done! 

To not do so will leave you in a position as a pawn, like everyone else seeing it only in one or dimension. 

The marketplace is big, innovation is the new value-add and what got you promoted won't make you effective in your work. One foot firmly on the ground understanding what works about how it's being done and an eye forward looking at what could work better. 

Think about what you can bring or add, not just maintain!