Why you need an elevator pitch (or 2)

In business it is key to know what your solving and who your solving it for. Without this, you flounder, lose money on general marketing and leave opportunities on the table.

Your elevator pitch is your opportunity to create a connection that sparks interest, begins to build trust and demonstrates insight.

It is your moment to connect intentionally with your message, ideal client and results. The person listening may or may not be your ideal client but you want to be so clear that if they are not, then when ever they meet your ideal client with the problem you solve, its you they think of!

It is not a sales pitch, it is not a resume and it isn't about you. Drop any sense of self proving, of convincing or of reeling them in. Focus on joining the dots between your ideal client, your message and the results you offer.

An elevator pitch is ultimately about connecting to your ideal customer intentionally and clearly through talking their language and solving their problems so that it creates an invitation to connect further.

If you open it will a resume or sales pitch you have gone straight to the hard sell and proving yourself. Both leaving a sense of desperation in the air and an instinctive “run” feeling in the listener, they won’t want to recommend you as the feeling you left them with last time was repulsion!

To have a good elevator pitch you need to know what matters to your ideal customer and if you have a few ideal customers, be clear about what matters to each of them.

  • Be clear about how they see their problem/need and use language they will resonate with.

  • When people ask you what you do, you need to focus on the outcomes or on the process. For example “I help people build businesses they love”. End results matter!

  • Focus on connecting to the person listening, rather than impressing them!

  • Talk about the services you most love doing and that bring you the highest customer service.

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