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supporting business owners who feel stuck to get clear, focused & move forward.

Sile offers business coaching that supports the development and scaling of B2B and B2C businesses; working with CEO’s, founders and business owners in Ireland and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia & EU). Sile’s business coaching experience includes both service and product based businesses working with bars & restaurants, construction companies & tradesmen, designers & artists, therapists, coaches and online/bricks and mortar retail.


A reboot to my business brain & the results from working with Sile have been astonishing. Turnover has increased, we have a pipeline & we are focusing on our strengths. I am less anxious, the results I have achieved over 3 months seemed a million miles away. - Cork, Business Client 2018


How Business Coaching can help:

  • Help you develop more clarity and a clearer focus.

  • Increase your results and direction.

  • Improve your confidence and connection to your business.

  • Get your business to work for you, not the other way around.

  • Greater knowledge to turn your business around or get back on track.

  • Strategic business planning and implementation.

  • Improving time management and priority setting.

  • Develop effective people management and leadership skills.

  • Marketing, customer service, sales funnels among other business skills.

  • Team management and people performance.

What to expect from business coaching:

  • Another set of eyes and ears on your business and your current situation.

  • 100% confidentially about your business and your approach.

  • ·Strategic oversight and greater focus on the right things.

  • Someone to bounce ideas off, challenge your thinking and finding solutions.

  • Support in getting the most from your business.

  • Practical tools and techniques for getting results.

  • Tailored approaches for your industry, niche and the challenges your facing.

  • Improved clarity, focus and results

  • Increased confidence and control over your business.



First, we will have a chat on the phone to discuss what you need from business coaching and we will look at how we might go about achieving it. During the call, we get a better sense of each other and whether working together is the right option or not for you and your business.

Then if we both feel working together is the right fit, I will ask you to sleep on it until the next day to give you a chance to consider your options and sit with my suggested approach.

Next if it is the right choice for you I will send you some time and date options for our first sessions and a bit more detail about how we will work together, including the coaching agreement, proposal, the program fee and payment options.

Please note the starting hourly rate for standalone business coaching sessions is €200, however a program ensures a lower hourly rate and more sustainable results due to a more integrative approach.


" I didn't know what I needed to do next and was considering courses, joining networks but decided to try coaching, it seemed less daunting. I found Sile online and decided that coaching would help with my confidence at least and a direction to go. I wasn't really sure what else it could help me with.

During the coaching we addressed my management style especially where I was misusing my time and not utilizing my staff but learning to delegate the right tasks to the right staff has made a big difference. We also looked at elements of Human Resources and how to motivate my team so that I don't need to jump in all the time or fix problems that can be avoided. We also looked at my confidence, managing conflict, presenting new ideas and planning out the year ahead, while linking it to the right actions!" 

- Business Coaching client 2017 / 2018

The choke hold of any business is virtually always the psychology and skill set of the owner, the psychology and skill set of the leader, that is it!
— Tony Robbins

A client’s experience:

In January 2018, I contacted Sile as I was having difficulties with managing my business and with time management. I was stressing and this was causing me to loose focus of what my strengths were as well as where the business should be focusing its efforts. 

The past 3 months have been like a reboot to my business brain and the results from working with Sile have been astonishing. my time is allocated so I have more time with my family whilst ensuring the hours are work are super productive. Our turnover has increased and we have a pipeline for 2018 (something we didn’t have the past few years) and more importantly we are focusing on our strengths... I am less anxious and looking forward to the future. 

For anyone who is having difficulty with time management, stress or just need a point in the right direction I would highly recommend Sile Walsh. The results I have achieved over 3 months seemed a million miles away in January. See you in September for a catch up.." an extract from a recommendation by Ian O'Driscoll on LinkedIn.