Professional & Excutive Coaching

For Business, Management & Leadership

The Why

Professional coaching can help you bring things together, make an effective plan, implement it, develop areas that challenge you, gain more balance and become more effective within your role. 

You don’t need to spend another minute feeling stuck, overworked, worrying or second guessing your decisions. Coaching can help you make real progress, in real time.

The What 

Coaching can help with: 

  • Developing and strengthening your ability to lead and manage effectively. 
  • Developing an effective strategy to move your organisation, teams and vision in the right direction. 
  • Become solution focused, rather than problem focused. 
  • Improve your own confidence, assertiveness and interpersonal skills.
  • Look at creative marketing, PR approaches and leadership. 
  • Balancing life & work commitments, finding the middle ground.
  • Create healthy & clear boundaries for your clients, employees, services & yourself!
  • Developing an authentic & effective leadership / management style!
  • Hiring & creating a team/new staff member that fits your business/team well.
  • Creating systems to support effective management for your business structure.
  • Create systems for effective team motivation and cohesiveness.  

The Where

  • Online (Skype, WhatsApp or Joinme) | Monday to Saturday / 7am -9pm. 
  • The Therapy Rooms, Victoria Cross, Cork | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 7am-9pm
  • Dublin city - Sundays Eveneings

The Options

Once Off Coaching Session

A 1:1 breakthrough session lasting 2 hours, a development plan, including action steps & time frame with 2 weeks unlimited coaching via email.The Breakthrough Session is for you if you or your business needs to take a step in the right direction, a quick boost or to get your head around something that just isn’t working for you. The sooner you take the next step, the sooner your life and business can improve!

Intensive Business & Leadership Coaching program

This begins with 8 sessions over a period of 6-10 months, developing effective leadership and organisational strategies, unlimited email coaching & weekly accountability check ins. Intensive Business & Leadership Coaching is for you if you are looking to get strengthen your business or leadership and management style, develop employee wellness and stronger teams, work less hours, fall back in love with what you do, move forward and work smarter, not harder.

Client Story

" I didn't know what I needed to do next and was considering courses, joining networks but decided to try coaching, it seemed less daunting.

I found Sile online and decided that coaching would help with my confidence at least and a direction to go. I wasn't really sure what else it could help me with.

During the coaching we addressed my management style especially where I was misusing my time and not utilizing my staff but learning to delegate the right tasks to the right staff has made a big difference. We also looked at elements of Human Resources and how to motivate my team so that I don't need to jump in all the time or fix problems that can be avoided. We also looked at my confidence, managing conflict, presenting new ideas and planning out the year ahead, while linking it to the right actions!" 

The choke hold of any business is virtually always the psychology and skill set of the owner, the psychology and skill set of the leader, that is it!
— Tony Robbins