Career Coaching

For career development, Progression & Transitions.

Education helps you know what you need to do for a particular role/job, coaching helps you know what you want from that role/job & how you can achieve it, authentically
— Sile Walsh

Our careers our often an extension of our sense of purpose and security in the world. Career coaching is about bringing the deeper motivations to the forefront, uncovering strengths and opportunities that can be acted upon. Together we bring a greater clarity to your career decisions so that you can move forward on a path that is right for you!

My Motto for career development is:  “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life  believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

The What

Together we focus on what your strengths and skills are, we take into account your personal and professional aspirations, your lifestyle preferences, your responsibilities and we bring it all together to create a pathway that is unique to you.

Career Coaching can help you with:

  • Your career development and clarity. 
  • Your confidence and assertiveness within work settings. 
  • Getting out of a rut and moving forward professionally.
  • Improving relationships in professional settings. 
  • Career transition or exit strategy. 
  • Clarity around general life direction and your career.
  • Overcoming personal insecurities.
  • Finding ways to support your career aspirations. 
  • Identifying areas of improvements, opportunity and support. 
Sile helped me identify what I wanted from a job and what type of job would suit me
— Career Coaching Client 2017

The How

Career coaching is tailored towards your specific needs, industry, skill level and preferences from the very beginning and right the way through.

A tailored proposal will be developed for you based on an initial free consultation and further assessment of your needs. The proposal will follow within 2-5 days of the initial consultation with a suggested number of sessions, time frame, goals to work towards, costings and start dates.

The proposal will only be drafted if there is potential to support your career following the initial consultation. 


There is a strength & confidence knowing that I can control things in my life
— Coaching Client 2017

I was tired of feeling in a job rut. I was struggling to identify a career that would fulfil me. I feared the rejection.

Sile helped me change my mindset, realize my strengths, skills & experiences. As a result, I developed a CV that reflected my true abilities & gave me the confidence to present myself in an authentic manner in interviews.
— Career Coaching