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Get Clear, Get Focused & Move Forward.

Sile helped me identify what I wanted from a job and what type of job would suit me
— Career Coaching Client 2017

One size does not fit all, whether its career development, progression or a complete change of career you need, in Career Coaching we find the right combination for you and your life!

I am experienced working with people from across industries and professions some of which include academics, medical professionals, C-suite executives, IT professionals, teachers, HR professionals, artists and creatives, Legal professionals and healthcare professionals.

I have helped clients who …

  • Are at the top of their careers and want something more but don’t know where to start.

  • Are retiring and aren’t ready to give up on their ambition and need to redirect it.

  • Aren’t clear about their career direction.

  • Have been made redundant and want to move forward strategically.

  • Who keep training in a hope to figure it all out eventually, only to find they have a big list of courses behind and no further clarity.

  • Who just keep doing the obvious next career step but aren’t sure what they really want or what will really work for them!

Career Coaching includes:

  • Sessions that explore your career from multiple perspectives.

  • Reviewing your career to date, its future direction and creating a pathway forward.

  • Interview preparation, CV and LinkedIn development.

  • Developing professional clairty, confidence and assertiveness.

  • Identifying areas for career improvements, opportunity and support.

  • Building stress management techniques and resilience into your professional practices.

  • Personality, multiple intelligence’s and world view tests when required.

What is unique in this approach?

  • We focus on your strengths, preferences and natrual skillset.

  • We take into account your personal and professional aspirations, your lifestyle preferences and your responsibilities.

  • We then bring it all together to create a strategic way forward that is unique and effective for you and your life.

  • We utilise a specialised person centred career coaching approach, that takes into account what your good at, what you love doing and what will really add to your quality of life.

  • We review what has and hasn’t worked to date and the barriers between you and your career desires.

  • We develop practical and effective steps forward that you can do today and build on into the future.

  • We address your career from short term, medium term and long term perspectives.

  • We take a holistic view by looking at task, career and organisational matches.

Our careers are often an extension of our sense of purpose and security in the world.

Career coaching is about bringing the deeper motivations to the forefront, and uncovering strengths and opportunities that can be acted upon. Together we bring a greater clarity to your career decisions so that you can move forward on a path that is right for you!

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Sile helped me change my mindset, realize my strengths, skills and experiences. As a result, I developed a CV that reflected my true abilities and gave me the confidence to present myself in an authentic manner in interviews.
— Career Coaching Client


I work with people who can commit initially to a minimum of 6 sessions over an 8-12 week period and are willing to engage in the coaching process fully. Following these sessions, if more work is required then we can discuss it and choose the best way forward.

First, we will have a chat on the phone to discuss what you need from coaching and we will look at how we might go about achieving it. During the call, we get a better sense of each other and whether working together is the right option or not.

Then if we both feel working together is the right fit, then I invite you to sleep on it and if it still feels right for you the next day I will send you some options for our first sessions and a bit more detail about how we will work together, including the coaching agreement, the program fee and payment options.

Please note a career coaching program fee begins at €699 (payment plans available) for a 12 week intensive career development process, and any additional sessions are priced individually.

Why? This format is based on previous clients feedback and experience of creating sustainable results. It aims to support you in getting a clear understanding of what you need to do to move forward, what is really stopping you and how to harness your current situation and move forward most effectively.

There is a strength and confidence knowing that I can control things in my life
— Coaching Client 2017

This is for you if:

  • You who feel stuck and lost in your current role.

  • You want to progress but need support or help to do it strategically.

  • You are thinking about quiting your job but don't know what you want instead.

  • If you don't find your work satisfying and want more fulfillment from it.

  • Your work life balance is off the charts.

  • You were made redundant, fired or let go and don't want to waste the opportunity or carry its impact forward.

  • Your career needs a boost and your ready to do something about it.

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