Career & Interview Coaching

The Why

Career & interview coaching will help you identify your core career strengths. As well as the development areas you need to work on for an effective interview, strong application process and a CV and LinkedIn presentation that highlights you above other applicants. 

The What

Career & interview coaching can help you with:

  • Strengthen your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Manage the impact of social media on your career development prospects
  • Develop strong interview skills
  • Give you an interview focus and identify how best to highlights these during an interview 
  • Assist you with job and industry research to best prepare you for the role and interview
  • Supporting your personal presentation in the interview including how to dress, posture yourself and speak about strengths and weaknesses. 

The How

1 (1.5h) session & 2 weeks email coaching / €250 

  • A coaching sessions done in person or via Skype 
  • Tasks, exercises and practice to be completed before interview
  • Access to unlimited email coaching support for 2 weeks.

If a post interview session is required to prepare for the next stage or to look at what was unsuccessful about your previous interview it is at a reduced rate of €120 for a session and 2 weeks email support.   

The when..



This is designed specifically for people who are preparing for job interviews and need support in relation to how they present, what to say, confidence and a general game plan. This is not suitable for career development coaching or career transitions as they require a different approach, for that go to life, relationship & career coaching page.

You can contact me through the contact page and ask any additional questions. Don't forget to include information about you too! 

Showing your best isn’t enough for an interview, everyone goes in with that approach. A game plan that is authentic to you will make you stand out without trying
— Sile Walsh