Coaching Psychology

Get unstuck, develop clarity & move forward in a way that is right for you

After the very first session and with the exercises I did at home, I felt more empowered and could feel my true self coming home.
— Cork client 2017


Throughout this in-depth process we will address how you feel, what you want, how you currently do things, and what might need to change so that you can make better choices, feel more in control of what you want and know how to create it. The bigger purpose of coaching, alongside achieving your goals is to support you in living your best life, doing your best work and having your best relationships.


  • Individuals & Couples

  • C-suite Executives & Business Professionals

  • Educators, Leaders & Managers

  • Healthcare & Social Work Professionals

  • Community & Youth Work Professionals

  • Voluntary, Public and Private Sector Employees

  • Those with Disabilities ( experienced to date with those who have physical or learning disabilities.)




I work with people who can commit initially to a minimum of 6 sessions over a 8-12 week period and are willing to engage in the coaching process in and out of sessions. Following these 6 sessions, if more work is required then it is done so as you feel fit. This is designed to enable you to need as a little sessions as possible long term.

First we will have a chat on the phone to discuss what you need from coaching and we will look at how we might go about achieving it. During the call, we get a better sense of each other and whether working together is the right option or not.

If we both feel working together is the right fit, then I ask you to sleep on it and if it still feels right for you the next day I will send you some options for our first sessions and a bit more detail about how we will work together, including the coaching agreement, the program fee and payment options.

This format is based on previous clients feedback and experience of creating sustainable results. It aims to support you in getting a clear understanding of what you need to do to move forward, what is really stopping you and how to harness your current situation and move forward most effectively.

Please note program fees begin at €699 however initial programs are priced individually based on the needs, frequency, timeframe,  topic and knowledge required etc. 

I was sceptical about whether or not coaching would help at the start, but working with Sile helped me feel more acomplished, more confident and less crtical of myself.
— Cork Client 2018