Coaching for Wellness & Performance


After the very first session and with the excercises I did at home, I felt more empowered and could feel my true self coming home
— Cork Client 2017

Whatever form of coaching you take, it will give you the opportunity to feel more empowered, make more informed choices, bring clarity to your direction and move forward consciously.   There is untapped potential within your life, relationships and work right now! It is about figuring out how best to work with it, remove the interference and gain knowledge about yourself so that you can be your best self, live your best life and do your best work


Coaching will help you move forward, gain clarity, feel better & get unstuck. Everybody has the capacity to improve the quality of their life, emotions and experiences if they choose to! Life isn't always the way we want it to be and often we find ourselves needing a little focus, motivation and direction to move forward. 

For a 3 month signature coaching programme, you can expect to invest €699


Our careers our often an extension of our sense of purpose and security in the world. Career coaching is about bringing the deeper motivations to the forefront, uncovering strengths and opportunities that can be acted upon. Together we bring a greater clarity to your career decisions so that you can move forward on a path that is right for you!

Each career coaching program is individually tailored for you and the investment will be based on your individual needs.

Business & Management Coaching

Business & management coaching assists in developing and refining strong leadership skills, a solution focused mindset and approach while improving personal and interpersonal performance to ensure your management style and business strategy works for you! Bringing great clarity, sense of direction and an action plan into your professional life.  Real progress, authentically, in real time.

Business & management coaching is individually tailored for you and the investment will be based on your individual needs.


Recovery Coaching takes a solution focused, person centered approach to living with the realities of experiencing addiction, mental health difficulties or being a family member of someone experiencing either. Recovery coaching builds upon the recovery approaches and steps you have already taken and value. Supporting the integration further into your everyday life with the additional aspects of coaching psychology and an emphasis on your potential, your capacity and your empowerment. 

For a 3 month recovery coaching programme, you can expect to invest €699

I was sceptical about whether or not coaching would help at the start, but working with Sile helped me feel more accomplished, more confident and less critical of myself
— Cork Client


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