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Co-Dependency In Our Professional Lives!

Amsterdam / June 16th / 1pm -5pm / €35

When we rely on how others feel, think or behave to feel good within ourselves we run the risk of burning out. This workshop is to discover a more empowered and assertive way to engage with others in professional settings. If you answer yes to any of the following then this workshop can benefit you! 

  • Do you find yourself saying yes when you want to say no? 
  • Do you worry about what your boss is thinking about you and how much your colleagues like you? 
  • Do you find yourself doing things to get approval from others?
  • Do you take on too much at work? 
  • Do you take responsibility for solving errors or attempt to control how others think, feel or behave? 
  • Do you find it hard to separate out your feelings from others? 

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Co-Dependency In Our Personal Lives!