Coaching Supervision Dublin

Professional Supervision

Coaches, Facilitators & Helping Professionals

Supervision is available on an individual basis in Dublin, Cork and online, while being available in an open group in Dublin each month and on-site as needed for closed groups within organisations.

Why is professional supervision important?

  • Professional supervision helps in unpacking your professional practice, so you can feel confident, calm and authentic when you’re working without crossing professional boundaries.

  • Professional supervision contributes to best practice guidelines for people practitioner work (including facilitators, coaches, managers, social workers, youthworks, community workers and mental health professionals) .

  • Supervision ensures that you are practicing at a higher level of competency than if you were simply self-reflecting or utilising personal therapy or team meetings.

  • It supports you in improving your practice, building professional resilience, developing your skills and reflecting on your contribution to your own practice.

Who is supervision for?

  • Supervision is for professional coaches in private practice and informal coaches who use coaching approaches under another job title.

  • Youth workers, support workers, community facilitators and project workers who’s work directly impacts others.

  • Managers, leaders and people practitioners who want to be supported in their work with supporting staff.

  • Teams involved with offering support to vulnerable individuals.

How does supervision work?

Using a person centred and developmental approach to supervision, I support you in understanding what you are bringing into your work, developing a deeper insight into your clients’ needs and an understanding of how to work with others in a diverse and impactful way. Throughout supervision, we will utilize your strengths, discomforts, fears, professional practices, questions and boundaries to facilitate learning. This supervision will meet you within your practice and help you expand and deepen it in a way that is authentic to you!

What does supervision assist with?

  • Increased awareness around your professional practice and self development.

  • Working within best practice guidelines as outlined by many professional bodies including AC, ICF, EMCC.

  • Developing your competencies and skills.

  • Exploring your personal coaching and facilitating approaches.

  • Affirm healthy boundaries and expectations of your role.

  • Find solutions to challenges you face within your practice.

  • Confidence, assertiveness and clear communication in relation to your work.

  • Reflecting on your contribution in your own practice.

  • Having a place to share your experiences without being judged or it affecting your reputation.

  • Developing an authentic and unique practice utilising proven approaches.

Supervision can be a place where a living profession breathes and learns
— Hawkins & Shohet, ' Supervision in the helping professions'