Community Organisations

Community Organisations

Management, Development & Strategy


Examples of current client work:

  • Design and delivery of a teacher well-being programme for a school of 65 staff and 800 students in Kerry.

  • Design and delivery of a People Management Masterclass in Dublin.

  • Design and delivery of a life skills programme for service users of Southside Partnership, Dublin.

  • Design, delivery and oversight of the development of StepOut Irelands recovery programme based on the World Health Organisations recovery principles.

  • Co-facilitating a male suicide prevention programme through group and individual sessions.

  • Design and delivery of peer facilitation training for not for profit community organisations including Headsup Kildare and StepOut Ireland.


Community Organisational Consultancy work involves partnering strategically with the stakeholders to improve performance, culture and overall sense of success through a number of supportive practices, involving coaching, consulting and strategic organisational development.

Methods and approaches we use to engage with an organisation include leadership development, team development, organisational development, strategic planning, soft skills training and development, programme design and development and participatory engagement.


  • Developing strategic, innovative methods of supporting the organisation in reaching its potential.

  • Supporting an organisation during change, transition or improvement processes.

  • When dynamics are challenging for employees and managers.

  • When the pressures of work are creating a high turnover in an organisation, employee retention, wellness and morale is low.

Community development services :

  • Strategy - developing a sustainable strategy that continues to focus on the people you serve.

  • Bettering Service's - revising services provided based on the service user needs.

  • Innovation & Goal Setting - re-connect to the purpose, possibility & potential of the people involved, services provided & each other.

  • Organisational Structure - support the development or re-development of an organisational structure.

  • Effective communications - develop internal and external communication skills that support

  • Group Coaching - group facilitation for particular projects, focuses and problems

  • Facilitating for staff and/or clientele