Corporate Coaching

Executive Coaching, Team coaching, Training & Wellness Programs

Executive Coaching

Coaching can improve performance, increase interpersonal skills and develop solution focused thinking which positively impacts the executives to contribution to the organisation more effectivly. 

  • Stress management in high performing roles.
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills for effective leadership.
  • Developing and strengthening a leaders ability to lead and manage authentically and effectively. 
  • Developing an effective strategy to move forward your organisation, team or vision in the right direction. 
  • Developing and embodying a solution focused approach that is authentic and effective. 
  • Using innovation in leadership & management. 
  • Create systems for effective team motivation and cohesiveness.  

Group/Team Coaching

Group/Team Coaching can help a team or work group function more effectively, address underlying challenges, reduce unnecessary conflict and improve performance. 

  • Address and improve team work.
  • Increase performance through strengths building. 
  • Develop more effective ways to work together and complete tasks.
  • Improve the culture and attitude of the team/group.
  • Learn to appreciate difference and harness the team/groups skills effectively. 


Sile offers training in effective communication, team work, personal effectiveness, mental and emotional fitness, well-being, self-care, co-dependency, emotional intelligence, participatory engagement, reflective practice and group dynamics. 

  • Coaching Skills for Executive – Developing the skills to increase individual and team performance, improve management skills, and develop greater confidence in working with others. 
  • Leadership Training – Identify personal strengths, develop internalised leadership skills and learn to translate those into practical strategies within the workplace.
  • Stress Management – Utilising stress as a strength within the workplace and developing a greater sense of control over performance. 


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Wellness Programs

Each employee wellness program is individually tailored to meet the needs of the organisations objectives and employees wellness. Taking into account the current practice and culture, then comparing it to the desired practice, improvements and outcomes to define an approach using a coaching psychology. 

A number of options include: 

  • An employee wellness strategy for the organization. 
  • Training those in a leadership role to support wellness and identify their teams needs more effectively. 
  • An individual  wellness plan developed for each employee or manager. 
  • A wellness program for management, with a focus on filtering new learning throughout the teams and into the leadership style within the organisation. 
  • Group wellness sessions focused on specific topics that are identified as required within the organisation. 
  • Developing a relevant sign postings service for external and affordable resources. 
  • Individual and group coaching sessions to support individual and group wellness.
  • Developing an organisational policy in relation to employee wellness in partnership with Human Resources office. 

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