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Leadership Coaching

Values Led, Results Driven Leadership Development

Leadership coaching and development with Sile involves an integrative approach to developing the skills of leaders and executives to build capacity within their own approach to their work and within their teams. Each coaching and development programme is tailored to support the individual’s needs and to create a clear plan of action.

We addressed my management style, especially where I was misusing my time and not utilizing my staff. Learning to delegate the right tasks to the right staff has made a big difference.
— Coaching Client 2017/2019

Participants will gain:

  • A greater understanding of themselves, their management/ leadership style and its effectiveness.

  • Skills and knowledge in areas that have the highest impact in their role and for the organisation.

  • Support in navigating the complexity of people and organisations.

  • Confidence and capability to be their best at work and to do their best work.

  • Skills to develop capacity as a leader and to build the capacity of their teams in a sustainable way.

  • An understanding of coaching psychology, participatory methods of change and strategic organisational development approaches.

Benefits for participants include:

  • Developing your approach to leading and managing people

  • Being more influential and effective in your management style.

  • Developing a strategic perspective on challenges and the ability to identify opportunities.

  • Learn to manage change and emerging needs with less anxiety.

  • Develop your understanding and working relationship with what is within your control, your influence and concern.

  • Developing insight into management and leadership methodology as well as organisational development and coaching psychology.

  • Developing stress management and organisational skillsets.

For anyone who is having difficulty with time management, stress or just need a point in the right direction, I would highly recommend Sile Walsh. The results I have achieved over 3 months seemed a million miles away.
— Ian O'Driscoll

Leadership Coaching and Development Overview:

This program is for individuals with a desire to improve their people management skills and develop strategies for engaging their teams and employees more effectively. Due to the tailored and responsive nature of this program, it is ideal for individuals aspiring to management and leadership positions as well as individuals in senior positions who wish to refine their approach and create better outcomes.

In its basic format and because time is pressure we endeavour to use every minute effectively. Participants can expect to attend a 60-90 minute coaching session every month, engage in self directed learning every two months, take part in psychometric tests if suitable and have continuous professional and personal development goals and achievements throughout. This is a practical course and will involve engaging with new practices and approaches within their work immediately.

We aim to help your organisation be at its best by engaging, developing and valuing the individual contribution and diversity of your managers and leaders.

We looked at elements of Human Resources and how to motivate my team so that I don’t need to jump in all the time or fix problems that can be avoided.
— Coaching 2018

Benefits for the Organisation

  • A stronger set of leaders in your organisation

  • Less absenteeism and retaining effective employees

  • Be an employer with a great reputation

  • Attract and retain key players in your industry

  • Increase employee and organisational performance

  • Reduce burnout and the costs that accompany that!

  • Build a great organisation.

  • Reduce resistance and anxiety to change and improvements.

  • Find real solutions, that are engaged and embraced by your employees

Topics that can be covered

  • Managing conflict

  • Understanding teams

  • Coaching skills for managers

  • Skills development for difficult conversations

  • Spotting and sustaining talent

  • Strategic thinking

  • Solution focused management

  • Stress management skills

  • Reflective practice

  • Developing a collective leadership culture in your team

We looked at my confidence, managing conflict, presenting new ideas and planning out the year ahead while linking it to the right actions!
— Business Coaching Client 2019

My Promise to You:

  • Let’s add value, build strong business foundations, utilise challenges and impact your bottom line, without selling your soul!

  • I do not offer one size fits all and I do not sell one style of leadership. Every person is different with their own unique set of strengths and challenges - which is why we co-design an approach that suits your industry and personality.

How we Work together?

  • We meet for a number of individual and (or) group coaching sessions addressing pressing issues and developing strategic approach to a more effective leadership and management style.

  • We work together to co-design an effective approach that is unique to you and your personality.

  • We identify how you can use who you are in a way that gives your leadership the edge and works for you.

Leadership Coaching includes:

  • Leadership and Management Coaching in one on one or group settings.

  • Recommended reading and development between coaching sessions.

  • Practical changes to be applied immediately to current challenges.

  • Everything is 100% confidential, from the free phone consultation to everything beyond.

Please note the starting hourly rate for standalone coaching sessions is €200, however a program of leadership coaching sessions ensures a lower hourly rate and more sustainable results due to a more integrative approach.

I didn’t know what I needed to do next and I was considering courses, joining networks but coaching seemed less daunting.
— Hospitality Business
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Why work with Sile?

Sile has been working with organisations, senior leaders and leadership teams since 2008 and has experience working nationally and internationally in multiple sectors including hospitality, construction, fitness, health and wellbeing, legal, community/not for profit, retail and independent service providers.

Sile has experience in supporting strategic organisational development, leadership development, values and behavioural alignment, performance and the co-development of tailored business solutions.

Sile knows that leadership is always personal because every organisation is built on a vision, a goal and a unique point of view that can not be replicated by the competition when the leadership team is working at their best and has a clear perspective. Sile helps bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure your organisation is effective, through its leaders and employees.