Life & Relationship Coaching

For moving forward & feeling better

I have moved forward a great deal since we started working together & I am amazed at how stable, safe & self-confident I feel. I never thought I’d reach this point so quickly - actually I wasn’t sure I’d reach this point at all
— Psychologist Germany

Coaching will help you move forward, gain clarity, feel better & get unstuck. Everybody has the capacity to improve the quality of their life, emotions and experiences if they choose to! Life isn't always the way we want it to be and often we find ourselves needing a little focus, motivation and direction to move forward. 

The What

Coaching can help you with:

  • Confidence and assertiveness.
  • Life direction and a sense of purpose and wellbeing 
  • Self-esteem and self-acceptance.
  • Getting out of a rut and moving forward.
  • Improving relationships with partners, family, friends and at work .
  • Clarity around general life direction and your career.
  • Developing a more positive relationship with yourself and self-care.
  • Natural anxiety & stress management.
  • Overcoming personal insecurities.
I had an idea of what I needed help with but not sure where to begin to explain. Sile helped me feel at ease straight away.
— Coaching Client

The How

3 month Coaching programme / €699

  • 6 bi-weekly (55 minute) coaching sessions over 3 months! 
  • Tasks, exercises and practice to be completed between sessions.
  • 12 scheduled ‘progress review/ check in emails’ for the weeks in between session!
  • Access to unlimited email coaching support throughout the 3 months.

If more sessions are required following the 3 month programme, we can arrange them as needed at a reduced rate. Some clients find 3 months is just what they need and others want to continue with their progress.  


Everyone has the potential to feel better about who they are, those they love, how they live and the way they work.
— Sile Walsh