What it Is all about ....

The Love your life empowerment series is all about improving our quality of life and relationships through personal development, coaching psychology, group facilitation and reflective practices. It is group coaching, personal development and experiential learning rolled into one.

We will cover ... 

  • How to live our lives on purpose and authentically.

  • Personal empowerment and understanding power in our lives.

  • Why we keep experiences reoccurring struggles.

  • Developing a more positive relationship with ourselves and others.

  • Self care, self compassion and self acceptance.

  • Learning to support ourselves and each other effectively.

  • How to develop our emotional intelligence and relate better.

  • Reflective practice and how to get to know ourselves better.

  • Roles we play in our family, at work and in life.

  • Our own Personal Development and how to lead ourselves.

Benefits include:

  • Practical ways to manage life and relationships better

  • Feeling better in yourself and being in more control of your life.

  • Increases clarity and confidence.

  • Improves contentment and wellbeing.

  • Greater natural motivation and focus.

  • More self-compassion, self-care and assertiveness.

  • Improved sense of self and stronger relating skills

  • Improved confidence and self acceptance

Who is this for..

  • Individuals looking to develop a deeper connection to self and others

  • Someone who wants to work with others in a group setting

  • Everyone over 18 is welcome.

  • If you are unsure if this is the right fit for you, give me a shout on 0870660688 to discuss your concerns.

What is included & the Costs?

This series includes:

  • A small group of peers to work with over a period of 4 months

  • 8 group sessions of 2.5-3 hours

  • Individual home practice's and reading/watching material to deepen the learning between sessions

  • A personal 30 minutes coaching session at the end of the program to further support your next stages.

Total Cost:

  • €450 (€50 deposit, €50 x 8 instalments)

CORK Series

Two Mondays a month in Cork between 6.30pm-9.30pm in the city centre beginning March 2019

Dublin Series:

Two Tuesdays a month between 7pm - 10pm in The Arts and Business Campus Drumcondra beginning March 12th, 2019.


Feedback from a previous participant

"I wanted to gain fresh insights into myself, my approach to relationships and life and how I make my way in this world, and thereby be able to change where necessary and be the very best version of myself that I can be. Now my family see me as calmer and more assertive and happier!"