Executive Coaching

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The Why

Executive coaching strengthens the effectiveness of the executive personally and professionally through times of change, development and growth. It facilitates management development, team effectiveness, organisational development and integrates best practice into everyday practices with ease. Focusing on the natural abilities of the executive and using their unique leadership and management style to improve performance. 

The What 

  • Developing and strengthening the ability to lead and manage effectively. 
  • Developing an effective strategy to move your organisation, teams and vision in the right direction.
  • Feeding into an organisational development approach.
  • Become solution focused, rather than problem focused. 
  • Improve confidence, assertiveness and interpersonal skills.
  • Look at creative marketing, PR approaches and leadership. 
  • Balancing life & work commitments, finding the middle ground.
  • Create healthy & clear boundaries with clients, employees, services & family!
  • Developing an authentic & effective leadership / management style!
  • Hiring & creating a team/new staff member that fits your business well.
  • Creating systems to support effective management for your business structure. 

The Options

A Solution Focused Session

A 1:1 solution focused session lasting 2-3 hours, a development plan, including action steps & time frame with 2 weeks unlimited coaching via email. This session is ideal for problem solving a specific challenge and focusing on effective action steps and a way forward. 

Executive Coaching Sessions

Executive coaching sessions are individually tailored to support the executive in addressing the areas they identify as opportunities for growth and create sustainable changes. Executive coaching sessions start with a minimum of 6 sessions over 3 months lasting 55 minutes a session with the additional benefits of a  session breakdown following each session, a weekly progress check in and any additional support between sessions via phone. 

The Next Step

You can get started by booking your free 30 minute consultation through the contact page and finding out how coaching can help you! 

The choke hold of any business is virtually always the psychology and skill set of the owner, the psychology and skill set of the leader, that is it!
— Tony Robbins