People Management Masterclass Dublin

“We believe people are the heart and soul of an organisations success and when managers are supported and empowered to do their jobs well, then the whole organisation benefits!”

Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors will take away;

  • A personalised Professional Development Plan

  • A CPD Cert for Enhancement of People Management Skills

  • Tips and tools to further develop your people management style

  • Learn to embrace a systemic style of management

  • Greater ability to handle and manage team conflict effectively

  • Techniques to empower your team to work towards their true potential

  • Tangible results for you and where you are at with your people

This masterclass is for managers, team leads and supervisors with responsibility for other peoples well-being and performance who wish to develop their people management skills further. We will focus on enhancing your natural management style through the lens of organisational development, coaching psychology and participatory management approaches.

Benefits for managers, team leads and supervisors:

  • Utilising your strengths to be more confident in your work and role as a people manager.

  • Improved decision-making and conflict management skills.

  • An understanding of people dynamics and team performance.

  • Effective ways to self-support and be more effective as a manager.

  • Personal and professional development resulting in more clarity.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Managers will leave better equipped with appropriate skills for people management.

  • With improved skills to support employee engagement and employee retention.

  • The ability to support change improvements more effectively and to improve their performance as a manager.

  • Skills to influence organisational culture in positive ways.

Sile Walsh ( and Thomas McCormack ( are coming together to combine their skills, knowledge and years of diverse experience to support managers in managing more effectively, playing to their strengths, having more flow in their work and being supported in doing their work in a way that is fulfilling and empowering for them and their teams!

"We will play to your strengths, focus on bringing more of the heart and passion you want into your work and help you be at your best in your work!"

People management involves skills that aren't always aligned with your technical skills or qualifications and might require more of you than you were taught! Often this requires self-awareness, effective communication, psychological safety, self-care, insight into team dynamics, clear boundaries and respectful assertiveness.

"Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet" - Henry Mintzberg

We will cover:

  • Ways to manage conflict and difficult personalities

  • Prioritisation, delegation and stress management

  • How to remain proactive rather than reactive within your role.

  • Practical methods to encourage accountability, responsibility and motivation amongst your team.

  • Ways to become more effective through utilising your natural management style and strengths.

  • How to develop leadership skills and strengths amongst your team.

  • Contribute to a positive and successful organisation and people culture.

Lastly, you will be invited prior to the masterclass to share the most common challenges you face in managing in the workplace. These insights will remain confidential but will be used to inform the work we do on the day and to directly tackle the areas of greatest relevance and value for you and your team.

“We believe leaders and managers are made not born – they will naturally benefit from some initial manager training courses” Roffey Park

"Our aim is that you leave with additional skills and techniques to support you in being the best manager you can be for yourself and your organisation!"


Professional development certification is on completion of active engagement in the masterclass, a 600-word practice reflection piece to be completed within 21 days of the masterclass and completed professional development plan for the coming 3-6 months.

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"Management’s job is to convey leadership’s message in a compelling and inspiring way. Not just in meetings, but also by example" Jeffrey Gitomer