Organisational Consultancy Dublin

Organisational Consultancy

Improving performance and well-being while getting real results!

Organisational consultancy involves partnering strategically with the organisation to improve its performance, culture and overall sense of success through a number of supportive practices. These practices involve coaching, consulting and strategic organisational development. Methods and approaches we use to engage with an organisation include Confidential Consultancy, Training and Development, Leadership Development, Dialogical Organisational Development, Employee Wellness and Team Development.

Organisational consultancy is helpful with…

  • Developing strategic, innovative methods of supporting an organisation in reaching its potential.

  • Supporting an organisation during change, transition or improvement processes.

  • Supporting effective solutions to employee engagement, organisational culture and leadership development.

  • When dynamics are challenging for employees and managers.

  • When the pressures of work are creating a high turnover in an organisation, there is low employee retention and when wellness and morale is low


  • Executives & Business Professionals

  • Educators, Leaders & Managers

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Social Work Professionals

  • Pharmaceuticals & International Organisations

  • Community & Youth Work Professionals

  • Voluntary, Public and Private Organisations

Services include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Employee Wellness Programmes

  • Team Development

  • Organisational Development

  • Strategic Mission, Vision, Values and Planning

  • Soft Skills Training and Development

  • Programme Design and Development

  • Participatory Engagement

Leadership Development

Supporting your leadership team to lead more effectively and authentically.

Leadership coaching and development with Sile involves an integrative approach to developing the skills of leaders and executives to build capacity within their own approach to their work and within their teams. Each coaching and development programme is tailored to support the individuals needs and to create a clear plan of action. Read More

Organisational Development

Improving your organisation through harnessing the stregths of your current team.

Organisational development focuses on the complex and often misunderstood aspects of organisational life that are unhelpful in supporting the further progress and development of your organisation with a focus on culture, strategy and interdependence within functions and roles of the organisation. Contact Sile to discuss your organisational development needs.

Team Development

For the success of your team and your organisation.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford

Through valuing the contributions of each individual and the team as whole, team development strengthens the teams process, resilience and effectiveness. We tailor our team development days and strategies to benefit the team’s unique strengths and challenges. We look at the present reality along with its place in the future of the team, the team’s potential and the steps between. We will support the team cohesiveness, emotional intelligence, communication, team building and team culture with a focus on well-being and performance. Contact Sile to discuss your team development needs.

Employee Wellness

For the well-being of your employees and your organisation!

Coming from an organisational development perspective, we value the well-being of the people as well as the process in any organisation. If the people and the process are well, then the profits emerge with more ease and less costs. "You can't pour from an empty cup". Whether you are a care-giver, C-suite executive or simply a very busy employee, self-care is the fuel for wellness. We take an integrative approach to wellness to ensure that it is the right fit for you, at the right time. No one size fits all, fluffy "take a bath approaches." We use proven, science based, personally tailored self care and wellness interventions to support you and your organisation in reaching its potential. Contact Sile to discuss your specific needs.

Strategic Mission, Vision, Values and Planning

Strategic planning is crucial in the effective execution of services.

A strategic plan has the power to guide an organisation from the core values, right through to the service delivery to ensure that the organisational mission is leading the decision making process and is aligned with day to day activities. Contact Sile to discuss your specific needs.

Soft skills Training and Development

For everyone, from your senior leadership team to your front facing staff.

Continued professional development ensures your work force have the best skills available to your organisation and that your employees stay current. Read More

Programme Design and Development

Supporting the effective development of a new or existing programme.

The development of a new or existing program can be done in one of two ways. The first is the further development of an existing programme to increase its relevance and effectiveness for participants it is designed to support. The second can be a the design and development of a new tailored programme that focuses on soft skills, mental health or well-being etc. specifically tailored for the participants needs. Sile has lead out on a design and further development of many programmes, from educational to recovery focused. To discuss your programme needs please contact Sile.

participatory Engagement

Improves your services for the service provider and recipient while supporting systemic change.

Participatory engagement approaches are a set of unique and emergent approaches derived from a community development ethos to further improve services, for the service provider and the recipient as well as support systemic changes . For more information contact Sile.