Professional Supervision 

The Why

Professional supervision for individuals in the helping professions can support you improving your practice, building professional resilience and reflecting on your contribution to your own practice. 

The What

  • Developing awareness around your practice and the self
  • Affirm healthy boundaries and expectations 
  • Find solutions to challenges you face within your practice
  • Confidence, assertiveness and clear communication in relation to your work. 
  • Balancing life & work commitments, finding the middle ground.
  • Developing an authentic & effective leadership / management style!

The Options

€120 includes a 1:1 a supervision session, a development element, reflective practice & time frame with 2 weeks follow dialog via email.

The Where

  • Cork City
  • Online 
Supervision can be a place where a living profession breathes and learns
— Hawkins & Shohet, ' Supervision in the helping professions'