Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

For addiction, mental health & family recovery

Recovery Coaching takes a solution focused, person centered approach to living with the realities of experiencing addiction, mental health difficulties or being a family member of someone experiencing either. 

Recovery coaching builds upon the recovery approaches and steps you have already taken and value. Supporting the integration further into your everyday life with the additional aspects of coaching psychology and an emphasis on your potential, your capacity and your empowerment. Everybody has the capacity to improve the quality of their life, emotions and experiences if they choose to, regardless of their current circumstance or challenges .

Recovery Coaching can help you with:

  • Making effective choices that are sustainable and bring a sense of contentment.

  • Building your confidence and assertiveness.

  • Developing a greater sense of self-esteem and self-acceptance.

  • Taking steps to getting out of a rut and moving forward.

  • Improving relationships with partners, family, friends and at work .

  • Clarity around general life direction and your career.

  • Developing a more positive relationship with yourself and self-care.

  • Natural anxiety & stress management.

  • Overcoming personal insecurities.

  • Manage challenging situations and ongoing crisis in a more effective way.

Working Together:

I work with people who can commit initially to a minimum of 6 sessions over a 8-12 week period and are willing to engage in the coaching process fully. Following these sessions, if more work is required then we can discuss it and choose the best way forward.

First, we will have a chat on the phone to discuss what you need from coaching and we will look at how we might go about achieving it. During the call, we get a better sense of each other and whether working together is the right option or not.

Then if we both feel working together is the right fit, then I ask you to sleep on it and if it still feels right for you the next day I will send you some options for our first sessions and a bit more detail about how we will work together, including the coaching agreement, the program fee and payment options.

Please note coaching program fees begin at €699 however initial programs are priced individually and tailored for you specifically.


Everyone has the potential to experience recovery in an authentic and beneficial way for them. There is not one path to recovery, nor is there a right way, there is simply the way that works for you!
— Sile Walsh