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Keynote Speaking

People who are at their best, do their best work and produce the best results. It is that simple!

I live and breath this in a million different ways in my personal and professional life and tailor each talk to the audiences needs.

The reality is each person, team and organisation has untapped potential waiting to be utilised. Potential that simply needs to be facilitated and encouraged. This potential goes on to impact employee well-being, motivation, retention, performance, customer service and overall success.

I am available to speak at conferences and corporate events that support people in being at their best; as well as design bespoke training workshops and programs for greater impact.

Speaking Topics include:

  • Leadership that works - Developing insight into the barriers to effective leadership and practical ways to overcome them. Bringing out the best in your teams, top down, bottom up. Leadership is everyone’s business!

  • Personal Development for Professional Performance – Understanding the relationship between who we are and how we are professionally with practical ways to be more effective at work.

  • Colouring Outside the Lines – Discussing the power of trying, failing, succeeding and learning through life and work. Bringing creativity, courage and opportunity back to life.  

  • Co-Dependency in Helping Professionals -  Learning about who we are as individuals and helping professionals. Taking a glimpse at our professional blind spots and personal needs.

  • Professional Self-Care and Self-Compassion – Making the fluffy tangible and practical to support professional practice, a flourishing organisational culture and empowering solutions.

FYI - I love creating and tailoring speaking topics so feel free to reach out and we can have a chat about your specific needs!


BENEFITS Of having me speak:

  • I have been delivering meaningful and impactful content in my work through coaching, speaking and facilitating since 2011 to individuals and thought leaders globally.

  • I am not a robot and will speak from a place of connection, rather than perfection. I am not shy to share my relevant personal experiences to demonstrate a point and relate to an audience.

  • I speak to and not at the audience, connecting the content to their real lives! I offer tangible takeaways to the audience that can be incorporated straight away!

  • I advocate about mental health, addiction, recovery and diversity indirectly and directly depending on the audience.

  • I am willing to learn from the audience if a differing point is presented, my value isn’t in being right, it is in getting people thinking and learning for themselves.


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Sile has extensive experience facilitating, training and speaking with individuals and groups within a number of sectors including educational, pharmaceutical, healthcare, public and private sectors nationally and internationally.
Sile is also a member of The Association of Coaching Ireland, an associate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and a test user with The British Psychological Society.  Sile writes for a number of local and international publications and contributes to discussions in the media in relation to the role of self in life, work, relationships and wellness.
Sile welcomes speaking opportunities in Ireland and internationally.  Sile values an authentic approach and will happily create individually tailored programs to meet the needs of your organization.