Sile specializes in the role of self in life, work and relationships.

Sile speaks with the audience, personalizing the topic for the relevance in their lives, professions and goals. Sile evokes the audience’s relationship and challenges related to the topic to engage the audience in their own process of learning. 

Worked With

Sile loves speaking about

  • People, Performance & Wellbeing

  • Relating effectively - Codependency & Self Care

  • Recovery Coaching- Mental Health, Addiction & Family/Relationships

  • Resilience and Performance

  • Living, Working & Succeeding Outside the Lines

  • Coaching Psychology & Transformational Coaching



  • Attendees actively engage with the process and are responsible for their integration of the learning.

  • The material relates back to the realities of their personal and professional lives

  • The information shared is actionable and can be applied to their personal and professional lives

  • Deeper insight into how one operates is created which impacts emotional intelligence in a positive way

  • The attendees attain a mutual understanding of a process and so it can be adapted into organisational or team culture more readily

  • Sile’s speaking style is friendly and personable encouraging participants to ask questions and get involved.

  • Sile uses innovative techniques to engage the audience and encourages discussion.

  • Sile responds to the needs of the attendees live in session and also post session via email.



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Sile has extensive experience facilitating, training and speaking with individuals and groups within a number of sectors including educational, pharmaceutical, healthcare, public and private sectors nationally and internationally.
Sile is also a member of The Association of Coaching Ireland, an associate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and a test user with The British Psychological Society. 
Sile writes for a number of local and international publications and contributes to discussions in the media in relation to the role of self in life, work, relationships and wellness.
Sile welcomes speaking opportunities in Ireland and internationally.  Sile values an authentic approach and will happily create individually tailored programs to meet the needs of your organization. 

Find out more about Sile at  Https://www.linkedin.com/in/silewalsh/