Stress Management

Training | Coaching | Facilitation

Improving the performance, physical health, emotional resilience & mental well-being of participants. Stress management is a vital skill for everyone’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. The main intention of stress management training is to equip participants with practical tools to mange their stress more effectively and improve their performance.  

    The Approach

    The approach I take is based on psychology, coaching, personal development and science. The key to this work is in 3 stages.  

    • To give participants access to the information and education related to stress management.  
    • To give practical “How to” examples which help participants see the practicality's involved in stress management.  
    • To help each participant cultivate a personal plan of action. So when they leave the training they can implement the changes required with ease and awareness.  

    The Benefits 

    • Participants are equipped with practical stress management approaches. 
    • Effective preventative strategies including identifying personal warning signs of stress. 
    • Awareness of self-care for mental, physical and emotional well-being. 
    • Understanding how to manage the after effects of stress. 
    • An awareness of the effects of stress on the body. 
    • Understanding the purpose of stress and cause.  
    • Practical strategies and experiences for stress management. 

    Why Sile

    • Sile has experience training, facilitating and speaking for community groups, private organisations, government bodies, educational institutions, health organisations and voluntary organisations.
    • Sile holds a Hdip in Coaching Psychology & a long list of other professional training
    • Sile believes in being responsive to the attendee’s, so no two talks are ever the same!
    • Sile has written for The Good Men Project, ravishly & other well known publications.
    • Sile has been interviewed as an expert for a number of podcasts, radio shows & print publications.
    • Published Author of Self Care An Authentic Journey and is currently writing her second book in the An Authentic Journey Series about Co-Dependency.
    • A long list of happy clients!


    Sile is brilliant at gently guiding us through sensitive topics, creating a safe environment for us to share our stories, and sharing her own life experience and deep wisdom
    — Class participant