Client Testimonials

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Psychologist Germany

June 2018

"At this point, I would like to thank you for your fantastic work! I really feel I have moved forward a great deal since we started working together and I am amazed at how stable, safe and self-confident I feel. I never would have thought I'd reach this point so quickly - actually, I wasn't even sure I'd reach this point at all. I attribute a large part of this to your way of coaching me. With you, I have always felt safe, understood and seen which was extremely important to me. Surprisingly, not meeting you in person but only virtually did not bother me at all (normally I prefer meeting in person), it never felt as if you were so far away. I look forward immensely to working with you more in the future!"

Business Professional

B2B  - May 2018

"I was stressing and this was causing me to lose focus of what my strengths were as well as where the business should be focusing its efforts. The past 3 months have been like a reboot to my business brain and the results from working with Sile have been astonishing. My time is allocated so I have more time with my family whilst ensuring the hours are work are super productive.

Our turnover has increased and we have a pipeline for 2018 (something we didn't have the past few years) and more importantly we are focusing on our strengths... I am less anxious and looking forward to the future.  The results I have achieved over 3 months seemed a million miles away in January."

Financae Professional 

May 2018

What worked best? "I think for the 12 week initial programme the regular scheduled face to face meet ups every 2 weeks was good with the email correspondence and homework in between. I think if the sessions were further apart e.g. monthly, It would have been harder to make progress and it was good to not have them on a weekly basis without as much/any work in between as the time in between was good to allow more reflection and the homework always supported what was done in sessions/needed very well. Siles approach was honest and direct but in a caring and non judgemental way which worked well for me as it forced me to ask myself some honest questions while feeling comfortable to do so and share my thoughts. I felt like she was on my side but not too complacent to feel like I would have an easy ride/be told the answer so that I wouldn't work at making positive change myself and was kept on my toes."

What didn't ?  "Nothing that I can think of"

 I would recommend anyone to give coaching a try or at least have an initial call with Sile to chat through things going on in their life. I would recommend it more strongly to someone who was feeling unhappy or just that things weren't ticking as they should for them. Life is too short to be feeling miserable, many times about things that aren't even real (thoughts in our heads) and when you have the control to fix it you just need support to try and see it/find the answer to resolve the issue(s)

"I got a lot from the programme and our face to face sessions. At the outset I had a naïve "just tell me the answer/what I need to do" attitude which took a while to shift my focus to realising there was work involved in the programme for me to do and that I needed to come up with the answers. While this was harder it was also way more rewarding - I got a lot more from figuring it out myself and there is a strength and confidence in that in itself to know that I can control things in my life much more than I think I can/they should control me."

Business Professional 

Cork, 2018

When I started my coaching sessions with Sile I was not in a great place. I was unhappy and out of tune with my personal life and work and felt that none of the pieces fit together anymore. I am so glad I took the step to work with Sile and from the very beginning I felt comfortable and safe with her.

Sile is an experienced coach with an incredible ability to tune in and pick up on nuances that would otherwise be missed. She has great intuition for when to step in and guide the process and when to let the coachee lead. She provides a safe and trusting environment in which it feels natural to share insights openly and honestly. She is knowledgeable, approachable, honest and transparent and it was truly a pleasure working with her. Without her guidance I would not be in the place I am today. After only a short few months working with Sile I have the clarity back that I lacked and clear line of sight of the steps I need to take going forward. I have found the right coach with Sile and I know I will be back to her in the future.


Cork, 2017

Choosing you as my coach was hands down the best gift I have ever given myself and there is no way I can put into words how the experience has transformed my world  . I feel like I know myself for the first time in my life and have managed to reconnect to the me that was hidden inside like the  golden Buddha who was discovered under the  layers of plaster .

You are supremely skilled at holding space.  very present to what I was saying  ( and not saying :-X) at all times. You always reflected a positive intent towards me and a belief in my capacity - even when I felt not very capable !! I always felt from you that you believed that I had this even when it was not comfortable and things were shit

Coaching with you felt clean and simple - you never mystified  or  complicated the process - you were  straight talking and you were always very generous about sharing your knowledge and sources of knowledge. You were transparent honest open and authentic about the process - thanks especially for this

I'm good at nailing things with words but can lack a felt connection with what I'm saying- you were great at keeping me present to the felt experience of what i was talking about. I learned from you how to connect with how something feels in my body and be curious about my 'in the present moment' experience and use that first just for myself and then to inform my response.

With a powerful but gentle and beautiful persistence you kept digging away at my layers of blocks and defenses ( most of which were totally invisible to me) and it felt like you were almost befriending and blessing those hidden knots and walls  and dissolving them with kindness by helping me to explore and make friends with and make sense of  them.

Student, 20's

Cork  2018

"My experience with coaching has been fantastic. I cannot say enough good things.  I  feel that I am being listened to by a real person and not a robot. With you, there is more than just me talking, it is a discussion of our experiences and that is something crucial. 

You are always very quick to decipher my thoughts even when I cannot figure them out myself & then you explain it back to be in a way I am able to understand straight away. Most of the time I don’t understand how you do that because it’s genius. 

You give really really good exercises for me to complete in my own time (i.e the Giving Exercise, journaling) as well as giving me examples of the psychological theories / diagrams ( i.e Drama Triangle). For me personally, I find that I benefit from these visual aids because they help me to understand the situation better as well as learn how to improve the situation. 

You are really encouraging. It is practically because of you that I signed up to an MA & a summer camp in USA. I didn’t have enough confidence for that yet the career-guided session made all the difference."

Professional, 40's

Cork 2017

Going to each session  was like meeting up with a friend. I was always comfortable talking about any challenges and I always left every session felling empowered. I could feel my stress disappear. Coaching really helped me thru a very difficult situation and Sile was at the end of the phone when I needed help. 

Female, 20's

Cork 2017

As I embarked my first coaching session with Sile - I must admit i was a little nervous. Although I've done development work already, it's never easy over-coming, let alone becoming aware of barriers.  I had an idea what I needed help with but not sure of where to begin to explain. Sile helped me feel at ease straight away and so understanding throughout. 
Through our coaching sessions, Sile helped me identify where I was feeling "stuck" and helped me see alternatives. Sile is a great listener and has an amazing ability to pick up on what's not said as well.
I found coaching with Sile to be life changing. It has been a whole new journey of self discovery. After finding my obtastacles, life now holds no bounds for me.
Something within me has changed, I can live in the moment and I feel more like me. There's a spring in my step when I get up in the morning that wasn't there before. 
I would recommend Sile to anybody who feels they are not living their life to the max. 
Thank you so much Sile, I am infinitely grateful.

Business owner, 50's

Waterford, 2017

“What I wanted was to be a more confident person and more assured of myself. Less worried about what other people thought of me and to be not afraid to try new things especially in academic or test circumstances and to not be worried about the result. Having been to Counselling and it not particularly working I was dubious that I could change or how I could change. Sile made a lot of sense and explained it very simply.” 

Emergency SERVICES Personnel,

Malta, 2017

“I was very stressed and overwhelmed with emotions that I felt I could no longer handle on my own. I thought/assumed that any steps or recommendations would be to hard for me to go through with. Sile showed me how to look at things in a way that that helps me grow from them instead of letting them get to me.” 

Female, 30's

Cork, 2017

"I was really struggling and I was fed up of the life I was living. When I met Sile she made me feel very comfortable. I got more than what I wanted or expected.

I had a major breakthrough in understanding myself and I’m achieving a happier lifestyle and building my confidence. I just loved how everything came together and everything made sense.

No matter what is on your mind or how silly you think it sounds, she helps you understand it. My family has definitely noticed a change in me. I am more independent and have more energy to do everyday life things”

Professional, 30's

Cork 2017



“I went to Sile as I wanted to upscale in my employment but was unsure of what kind of job or sector to apply for and was looking for guidance. Sile helped me to identify what I wanted from a job and what type of job would suit my personality.  She helped me with my CV as well as with tips for interviews. This advice helped me massively. It gave me direction and a goal. It helped me to be confident going for interviews and as a result I have now gained new employment in a position i am very happy with. Sile guidance and support have been a massive boost to me and i recommend her services to anyone looking for help in there life and career” 

Class Participant


I wanted to gain fresh insights into myself, my approach to relationships and life and how I make my way in this world, and thereby be able to change where necessary and be the very best version of myself that I can be.  Now my family see me as calmer and more assertive and happier!

50's, Cork

I found Sile really easy to listen to and to talk to. I felt comfortable and at ease from the very beginning of the workshop. With advice and skills to use to help to combat my problem , I now know what the root of it is.

50's, Cork

Career Coaching 


I choose to work with Sile because I was tired of feeling stuck in a job rut. I was struggling to identify a career that would fulfil me and also utilise my skills and experience. Any job search I pursued made me feel worse because I was afraid to take a chance or run the risk of rejection. However, working with Sile helped me to change my mindset, instead of just scratching the surface, Sile helped me to realize more deeply my own unique strengths, skills and experiences. As a result, I developed a CV that reflected my true abilities and also, gave me the confidence to present myself in an authentic manner at interviews.

Male, 20's

Accountant, Cork

Anxiety had been a major factor in me seeking help, how it impacted my life and relationships! Since working with Sile I have gained a lot of knowledge and have felt very empowered especially when it comes to relationships and how I can improve my contribution to reflect who I am as a person.

Female, 40's


I had been feeling frustrated with many aspects of my life for a while; my sense of direction and focus, my level of comfort with my identity, a lack of motivation and sense of achievement overall. I was probably a little sceptical about whether or not the coaching would help at the start, but working with Sile helped me feeling more accomplished, more confident and less critical of myself. I would certainly recommend working with Sile and have already to a close friend.