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Training for educators, businesses and organisations in relation to effective communication, team work, personal effectiveness, leadership skills, coaching skills, mental and emotional fitness, well-being, self-care, co-dependency, emotional intelligence, participatory engagement and group dynamics.  Below are a list of regular training's, however please request any specific training you may require. 

Worked with:

Educator Development

Stress Management

  • Understanding stress
  • Stress Management Interventions 

Professional Relating for Wellness

  • Introduction the the role of relating in our wellness 
  • Interventions to relate more effectively with students, parents, colleagues and principles 

Reflective Practice

  • Introduction to reflective practice 
  • Review of the pro's & con's 
  • Develop easy to incorporate reflective practices 


Organisational Development

Group Dynamics & The Role of Self

  • Understanding group formation
  • Understanding the roles within groups
  • Developing effective ways to work in teams/groups 

Stress Management

  • Understanding stress
  • Stress Management Interventions

Professional Relating

  • Introduction the the role of relating in our profession
  • Interventions to relate more effectively with students, parents, colleagues and principles 


Management Development

Effective Leadership

  • Understanding your leadership style
  •  Using the ethos and values of your organisation to get buy in from your teams
  •  Improve team performance through development sessions
  • Know how to facilitate a development session
  • Develop a tool kit to support your leadership style specific to your organisation

Solution Focused Management

  • An introduction to solution focused coaching 
  • Develop solution focused management skills 
  • Working knowledge of solution focused tools applicable to management roles. 

Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Introduction to coaching for managers 
  • Learn coaching skills from a number of practices including solution focused, strengths based and conflict management. 
  • Practical experience of managing using coaching skills


Business Development

Business Basics Development

  • Business planning 
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales funnel 
  • Mission, ethos and values

Effective Networking

  • Develop an authentic and effective method of networking based on your ideal client and offerings.

Why Sile

  • Sile has experience training, facilitating and speaking for community groups, private organisations, government bodies, educational institutions, health organisations and voluntary organisations.
  • Sile holds a Hdip in Coaching Psychology & a long list of other professional training
  • Sile believes in being responsive to the attendee’s, so no two talks are ever the same!
  • Sile has written for The Good Men Project, ravishly & other well known publications.
  • Sile has been interviewed as an expert for a number of podcasts, radio shows & print publications.
  • Published Author of Self Care An Authentic Journey and is currently writing her second book in the An Authentic Journey Series about Co-Dependency.
  • A long list of happy clients!

The Next Step

You can get started by booking your free 30 minute consultation through the contact page and finding out how coaching can help you! 

Sile is brilliant at gently guiding us through sensitive topics, creating a safe environment for us to share our stories, and sharing her own life experience and deep wisdom
— Class participant